About Us

About Us

We love the web

Cu.be Solutions is a Belgian open source and PHP centered company, focusing on quality web development and consultancy services.

Cu.be Solutions builds on several top-profile consultants’ experience, some of which have been active in web development since the dawn of the Internet and have a broad experience in open source development and system and network architecture.

Cu.be Solutions distinguishes itself in providing nothing less than the absolute best quality solutions, without compromise !

It's in the dot

Our slogan “It’s in the dot !” can be explained in 3 sentences :

  • It’s cu.be, not cube… there’s a dot in the name !
  • The dot refers to Internet technology – because building online applications is what we do !
  • It’s in the dot also means : it’s in the little details… we pay attention to those little details our customers expect us to !

Our values


We take pride in delivering the highest possible quality. We will not deliver solutions for which we can not guarantee stability, performance, etc. – we will gracefully decline projects that we believe would not result in a high-quality end-product. It is our way of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.


We treat our customers and employees with more than just respect. Treating customers and employees fairly, on any level, at any time, is the most crucial part of a business relationship and the only way to ensure continued cooperation.


We do not believe in selling the same solution to multiple customers over and over again. Each customer has individual needs, which must be matched by a solution fitting to their requirements.