• PHP 7.x
  • MySQL & MariaDB
  • Apache & Nginx
  • CSS 3 & HTML 5
  • OroCRM & OroCommerce
  • Magento 2
  • Pimcore
  • Varnish

We offer a broad spectrum of services

Highly interactive and intuitive Web applications with rich functionalities and attractive user interface build with passion.
Merging the limits between hardware and software, offering tightly coupled integrations.
We love to to test your application to the limit, and be your partner for all security audits.
Proven open source solutions are modified to match client specific requirements, leveraging latest Web technologies at their best.
Internet of Things and embedded computing are our cup of tea. We have extensive experience with Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many similar technologies
Our extensive infrastructure experience ensures we deliver solutions that will work on-premise or in the cloud and will scale up and down easily
B2B ecommerce presents a €6.7 trillion opportunity. We will you help with proven solutions to reach your goal.
We’ve been offering training courses for over 10 years in a wide range of topics related to web development.
Not sure how we can help with your IT project?
Come get a coffee and let’s see how we can become partners.